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Hand Woven Atta Towel Basket ~ Made in Bali ~

Hand Woven Atta Towel Basket ~ Made in Bali ~

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Hand woven in Tenganan, Bali, Indonesia.

Welcome this special handmade basket to your home for towels, room slippers and so on!


Crafted with care from the stems of the fern plant 'Atta,' native to Indonesia's Bali island. The textured appeal of Atta brings a resort-like ambiance to our coasters, placemats, and baskets — versatile designs perfect for everyday use or enhancing special dining and guest spaces.

After sun-drying, Atta undergoes a unique process of smoking with coconut shells, resulting in a distinctive amber hue and smoky fragrance, while also providing insect-repellent properties. Exceptionally durable, these items are meant for long-lasting enjoyment.

*Note: Due to the handmade nature of these products using natural materials, variations in size, color, and shape may occur. Please be cautious about potential staining, color fading, or transfer to light-colored clothing through friction or water exposure. If wet, promptly wipe and dry. When cleaning, use appropriate cleansers, creams, or mild detergents suitable for the material. Store in a cool, dry place, avoiding high temperatures and humidity.

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