Embracing Nature: An Unique World of Umah Decor's Natural Materials

Embracing Nature: An Unique World of Umah Decor's Natural Materials

Explore the diversity of Umah Decor's exquisite handmade treasures, each woven from distinct natural materials—Atta (or Ata), Rattan, Bamboo, Raffia and Seagrass. Uncover the unique qualities and benefits that make each element a masterpiece in its own right.


At Umah Decor, our passion for handmade living is deeply rooted in the natural beauty of Bali, Indonesia. Join us as we delve into the world of Atta, Rattan, Bamboo, Raffia and Seagrass, and discover the stories woven into each creation.


Atta / Ata : The Essence of Bali's East Side:
Atta grass, exclusive to Bali's East Side, captivates with its smooth surface and elegant allure. Inspired by the rich tradition of Balinese craftsmanship, our Atta collection features baskets, trays, boxes, and coasters, each showcasing the refined beauty of this unique material.

Rattan: Versatile Elegance:
Rattan, grown abundantly in Indonesia, infuses our designs with timeless elegance and versatility. From coasters adorned with shells to placemats reminiscent of coastal charm, Rattan adds a touch of natural sophistication to our collection.

Bamboo: Nature's Harmony:
Bamboo, a symbol of sustainability and tradition, inspires our beaded bamboo boxes—a modern interpretation of traditional Balinese offerings. Each box reflects the cultural heritage of Bali while adding a touch of natural beauty to your space.

Seagrass and Raffia: Coastal Chic with a Purpose:
Seagrass and raffia, celebrated for their eco-friendly nature and rustic charm, play a vital role in our sustainability mission. From coasters to placemats, these natural accents infuse your space with coastal chic elegance while fostering environmental consciousness.

Benefits of Natural Materials:

Durability: Atta, Rattan, Bamboo, Raffia and Seagrass offer durability and longevity, ensuring enduring beauty in every Umah Decor piece.
Versatility: Each material offers unique qualities, allowing for diverse designs and applications, reflecting the essence of handmade living.
Sustainability: Umah Decor's commitment to eco-friendly materials and traditional craftsmanship contributes to a sustainable lifestyle, preserving the beauty of Bali's natural resources for generations to come.At Umah Decor, our journey goes beyond crafting items—it's about preserving nature's artistry and cultural heritage. Each material tells a story of tradition, versatility, and sustainability, woven into the very fabric of our collection.

Discover the magic of handmade living with Umah Decor—where every piece reflects the beauty and resilience of the natural world.

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